Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I know I'm not the only one around here who loves her emoji (shoutout to Olivia Palermo's Instagram). I discovered Emojipedia this week, and I think it's just delightful -- you can use it to see the official names and meanings of our now-familiar little icons.

Did you know they're releasing over 250 new Emoji this year? Am I way too excited about that??! Check out their names here -- the actual icons themselves are yet to be shared!

I'm excited for "Clamshell Mobile Phone," "Hot Pepper," "Man in Business Suit Levitating" (?!) and of course, "Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended." The one Emoji I always find myself looking for is "Fingers Crossed" -- wouldn't you think it's in there? but nope!

Of course I can't write about emoji without shouting out M'Oticons, the chicest emoji products around... the trunk show on Moda Operandi has ended, but maybe you can find some on ebay?

So, what are your most-overused Emoji? And which new ones can't you wait to see?


  1. I'm big on Emojis����. My son and his girlfriend will be attending different universities in the fall, 6 hours apart. They have been together since 10th grade, we will see how it goes

  2. I love emojis, I can have an entire conversation in them!

  3. I’m an emoji addict and so glad they’re coming out with more this year!

  4. You know…I have thought a finger's crossed emoji would be appropriate, too!!! I like to used all the stars together. Fun post!

  5. Great!!! ;)