Thursday, July 17, 2014

One Day: The Master Bedroom

My very favorite Pinterest board hit 1,000 pins this week -- time to celebrate? or maybe to wonder where I found the time to accomplish that.

My "one day..." board captures the most day-dreamy photos of what I'm still young enough to believe my future could hold... Silly and aspirational, yes, but I love pinning to it because it makes me feel like anything is possible!

The master bedrooms on the board definitely produce a pattern. I'm looking at warmth and coziness, with a spot of luxury. Almost all of the masters I envision are decorated with a neutral palette: soft creams, warm greys, crisp beiges. I love an upholstered headboard, need fresh flowers, and favor a touch of blue here and there. Some of my favorites below:

Do you keep a board or a folder with these kinds of fun dreams on them? What would your "one day" master bedroom look like?


  1. These are beautiful. Simple yet elegant! I love a fancy headboard!

  2. Lovely inspirational master bedroom board...I could get lost on Pinterest for hours creating inspiration boards :)

    xxAuna |

  3. White on white is my fav color combo for my bedroom!


  4. Love master bedroom inspirational boards and that's just what I have in Pinterest. My "one day" master bedroom would probably look like warm colors Carribean getaway :)

  5. Wow, great inspiration pictures!
    Everything looks so cosy! x

  6. SO beautiful. I'm so glad you shared this, I've been on a major design kick recently and my focus is my bedroom which has been completely 'un-decorated' for the last year. I'm going to check out your board for even more inspiration!

  7. I love finding great bedroom inspirations boards and definitely following yours now! All of these images are gorgeous!

  8. Great bedroom inspiration, thanks!

    Lets stay connected:

  9. My one day board has been inundated with velvet sofas lately...I just can't stop adding them. Ever since I saw SJP's green velvet sofa in her cozy NY apartment, I'm obsessed. -C