Saturday, January 10, 2015

Craig's List Treasures: Boston in 2015

It's the new year, and my theory is that everyone must be cleaning because Craig's List is crawling with treasures! Let's get right to it...

These matching corner chairs are so superbly unique. You need the right space / scheme for them, but $250 for 2 feels like a steal:

These cool dressers are both calling out for repainting. This one's FREE:

and this guy's only $30:

I really like the clean lines on these stools. $100 for the pair.


This cabinet is a real antique and I think just so gorgeous. Yes, it's a little pricy at $330, but requires no DIY work and would be a "forever" piece...

I've never seen this before: a "staging furniture blowout sale" -- some of this stuff looks pretty basic, but some is cute, and I bet they're all at pretty good prices. I'd make time to check this thing out:


This map chest / art cabinet is just gorgeous and would actually be a very useful piece of furniture. A little steep at $350 but on CL there's always the chance that the seller would come down some:

Yes it's $3,000, but I just wanted to include a photo of the stunning colors on this Persian rug. I consider this perfect.

Though they're not real Saarinen, these look like very good-condition reproductions at a great price ($175 for 2):

This thing is insane. An antique buggy seat, covered in cowhide for $150. WHAT. Maybe not especially practical, but such a gorgeous interest piece. Someone buy this now!

And of course, the steamer trunk of the moment. I love that it has the initials of its original owner:

Okay folks -- go grab some deals!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015!

I hope everyone had a warm and relaxing holiday season! As far as I'm concerned, the new year truly began last night when The Bachelor came back on the air.

As always, there was some madness. Like this karakoe-singing Barbie...

this drunk fisherwoman...

and these crazy eyes:

...which of course is the main reason we watch this show. But since I'm a total sucker, I also fall for the parts that are supposed to actually get to you. Like this badass Tandra who from what I can tell is basically Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively's Gossip Girl character) IRL...

this super down-to-earth woman who I'm dubbing the "New Sharleen" because she is "mysterious" and "different" (read: smart and a brunette)...

and the insane chemistry between Chris and Britt (that kiss though!):

I know I don't even have to ask if you're watching too, because, who isn't? My real question is, did Prince Farming live up to your expectations? or even exceed them? (quite honestly, he exceeded mine!) I can't wait to see what's in store for 2015... for Chris Soules and the rest of us!

Monday, December 15, 2014

One Day: Entryways

You know how people say first impressions are everything? Well, that's how I feel about entryways. The first moment you walk into a space is so meaningful -- it instantly makes you feel something, and it sets your expectations for the rest of the space.

When dreaming about my "one day" home, the entryway is key. Not only does it make that first impression, but it's such an important landing pad for the whole family. In general, what I want in an entryway is what I want for the rest of a home -- classic, convenient, warm and inviting. Here is one of my favorite examples; it's neutral with a hint of color, neat but not stark, and full of traditional styles without feeling stodgy-- the pup in the background doesn't hurt either!

Looking at my Pinterest collection of entryways, you can tell I love a good oriental rug, need a console table, and favor a white staircase with black or dark railings. Here are some more favorites:






As gorgeous as all these examples are, realistically I'm going to need a little more storage space wherever I enter the house. I'd prefer to have something neat set up than just inevitably throw my purse / shoes / mail around on the floor when I walk in. I could go for elaborate, well-styled built-ins:

but I'm especially obsessed with the idea of using a vintage post office box as a console. An entryway feels like the perfect spot for something like this:



The entryway situation in my apartment now is pretty weak, so I can't wait to spread out eventually. Are you with me, or do you think entryways are just an outdated spot for leaving calling cards with the butler?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wrapping Ourselves Up

This winter, Mike and I will be attending our very first grown-up holiday party. This has led to an equally exciting and stressful search for the perfect holiday dress. I found a treasure trove as ASOS last week and wanted to share some of my favorite finds! Many of these are awesomely on sale right now as well -- so I kept everything on my list under $100 for you...

These sequins are anything but tacky -- I think this is the sexiest dress I've seen for the holidays this year ($85):

A simple LBD with a little faux-fur detail to spice things up ($67):

This bowed beauty will make YOU look like a present ($32!!!):

You can hit the emerald trend and celebrate Christmas a bit more subtlely in green -- this tie-front shift is super chic ($76):

This fluffy sweater dress looks a bit grunge in the image, but I bet with the right accessories it would be kind of 90's-awesome ($72):

Another bow, a bit more subtle than the last one. I'm so into this look ($56):

These stripes scream Kate Spade, but ring in at only $98:

This wrap dress is sexy AND forgiving. Watch me order it right now ($90):

What better time to work full-on green plaid than the holidays ($72)?

Let's throw in a couple accessories for good measure. I'm in lust with these tortoise stilettos ($80):

and these plaid guys are a good plaid alternative if you're not ready to go full-on outfit:

This champagne clutch is so funky and celebratory if you're brave enough to pull it off ($66):

And this mirrored clutch could add some sparkle to your holiday outfit ($60):

Okay guys, go get on those sales! what are you wearing for the holidays this year?